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We transport freight throughout New England and the New York and New Jersey piers.





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The "On-Line Tools" button above contains 3 new features. Our "Quote it" form, "Book it" Form, and "Reports Signup".


When you fill out our "Quote it" or "Book it" forms, this information is instantly e-mailed to our Sales Office or Dispatch Office, and they will get in touch with you right away with the details.


The "Reports Signup" form sends our administration staff an e-mail with all of the information you provided, we will research your companies history with us and contact you with you company login and password.


Here is what people are saying:

Galaxy Glass & Aluminum Inc. has been working with S&J transportation for over ten years now.  During that time, S&J has proven to be an extremely reliable and dedicated carrier to us.  Their commitment to customer service and on time delivery is second to none. 
We sincerely feel that Galaxy Glass is a better company because of the quality and dependable service S&J has provided over years. We look forward to many more years of dedicated service from the S&J team. 

Dan Simpson
President, Galaxy Glass & Aluminum Inc.

To Dispatch:

It was great to hear your voice again!   I tell everybody that you guys are the best!   Unlike the larger operations, the personal customer service we enjoyed from S&J was tremendous.

Devens Recycling Center

We have been using S&J Transportation for the past 3 years and their service is exceptional. Their staff is a pleasure to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. - Foss Manufacturing, Inc.

Here is a great e-mail about our new on-line reports:

Hi Stan,  It looks cool! Thank you very much.  I personally love working with your company. You always stay on top of things and I feel confident whenever I ask S&J to do something for us – you’ll do it in the best manner.

Highland Forwarding, Inc

It's wonderful to have an organization such as yours to partner with, your organization is very professional.


Thanks, Pat


Patrick A. D'Agostino

Terminal Manager

Thanks for your great flexibility and support with these store openings, I understand that last minute changes can be difficult to work with, …Mal  you were of great help with Norwood, Thanks  The store had a spectacular opening and even better weekend…

Bob M.
Distribution Manager 

To Whom it may concern,

I just wanted to take the time to give you some feedback on one of your drivers.  Ernie made a delivery to or Hampstead home today at 9:45am.  Not only was he polite, friendly and helpful, but he was also the only delivery driver to pull into our driveway with out damaging our landscaping or holding up traffic.  My two year old twins cried as Ernie pulled away, because they wanted him to stay and play with them.  I wish that all drivers could be so considerate.
Chris F.   

S&J Trucks



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